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Google’s global year in search dominated by disgraced celebrities (and iPhones)

We just typed Google into Google… AAAAAAH!

GOOGLE HAS been revealing what the world has been searching for in its annual roundup.

In the first of two reports, we’ll tell you what’s been happening globally. In the second, we’ll look at the UK in depth.

The top 5 searches of the year are almost as you’d expect, though concentrated around the second half of the year. Hurricane Irma tops the list, followed by the iPhone 8, iPhone X, disgraced NBC presenter Matt Lauer and future princess Meghan Markle.

In terms of people, it’s disgrace that has sold been topping searches. Again, Matt Lauer, a stranger to UK shores but a broadcasting powerhouse in the US, saw his fall from grace top the list, despite it being one of the most recent. Meghan Markle is second.

The wildcard is Italian satirical broadcaster Nadia Toffa. Why? Because she claimed there was going to be a nuclear experiment under Gran Sasso. There wasn’t. She got a lot of stick for that one, especially as she compared the effects to that of Fukushima.

Fourth and fifth are two more disgraceniks, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

News events – Irma, Bitcoin, the mass-shooting in Las Vegas, the nuclear threat from North Korea and the Great American Eclipse (seems like a lifetime ago).

Actors, predictably topped by Meghan Markle, then Kevin Spacey, and then Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. Another disgraced actor – Louis CK in 4th and Bill Skarsgard (best known this year for playing Pennywise ‘It’) was in 5th.

Now – the technology. Predictably top honours go to the iPhone 8, but over the iPhone X in second. Third was the Nintendo Switch, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Xbox One X.

Memes – we’re just going to list these, you can Google ‘em – Cash Me Outside, United Airlines, Elf on the Shelf, What in Tarnation, and Spongebob Mocking.

And to finish off – the top 5 “How To” questions – How to make slime was at number one, possibly because Stranger Things (which was most searched TV show), then how to make solar eclipse glasses and how to buy Bitcoin for obvious reasons. How to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight came in fourth and finally, how to make a Fidget Spinner was fifth.

Ah, fidget spinners – remember them?

Notice someone missing? Someone you’d expect to be? Someone with stupid hair? Perhaps he’s not as important as he thought… µ

Source : Inquirer

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