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Google’s Pixelbook 2 caught on video looking like a Microsoft Surface

AS WE get ever closer to the 9 October Google event, more and more leaks are emerging that will probably leave us with very little to be surprised by on the day.

It didn’t take a huge leap of imagination to realise that there was probably going to be a follow up to last year’s Pixelbook, the Chromebook on steroids with a premium price tag and specs so shiny that some questioned if it was actually a bit overpowered.

In a new leak, courtesy of Chrome Unboxed, a device believed to be the Pixelbook 2 (or one of them at least) has been caught on camera.

We’ve already heard much about two devices thought to be Chromebooks, one codenamed ‘Atlas‘ and the other ‘Nocturne’ based on deconstructing lines of code in Chrome OS.

Now it appears the ‘Nocturne’ has been caught on camera, and it looks like it’s a Surface rival, with removable keyboard dock and kickstand. Erm. Yuck.

Google appears to have gone for a bewildering lack of hinges which provide the stability when you want to use a laptop on top of your lap, as the name suggests.

The video which we’ve embedded below, comes from Chromium Bug Tracker (Chromium is the open source version of Chrome). The original link has now been blocked, which is interesting in itself, but the internet doesn’t forget. Unless you make an application to the EU of course.

It contains two trademark Google features – the ‘hamburger’ button which activates the ‘hamburger’ menus in Material apps and sites and a Google Assistant key. Whilst they’re not exclusive to Pixelbooks, they are a relatively recent addition and as such suggest this is something very recent.

Plus – you may have noticed that a lot of Google apps are finally being updated to Material design, after being a drip-drip-drip process since it was first released at Google I/O 2014.

In fact, this is probably the biggest rollout of Material to apps in its four-and-a-bit year history. Even Messaging, an app that was only released earlier this year didn’t use the ‘design language’ (shudder) at launch but has updated in recent weeks.

This leads us to think that the rise of the ‘hamburger’ is in no small part due to the arrival of the latest Google Hardware, though this is largely educated speculation. We won’t know for sure for another four long weeks.

In the meantime, make of this video what you will – it seems to suggest, if accurate, that Google is taking the fight to Microsoft’s Surface range. Look at those tiny bezels! Behold the yummy screen! And, based on previous releases, prepare to baulk at the price tag. μ 

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