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Google’s political ad transparency tool is coming to Europe

GOOGLE HAS REVEALED that ad transparency tools will be in place ahead of the European Parliamentary elections next May. Shadowy political groups will still be free to try and play you for your precious vote, but you’ll be able to find out exactly which shadowy group, and every political ad will be stored in a public database, like the world’s most depressing art gallery.

Anyone looking to take out political ads will have to apply and be verified before they can pay for political ads, too, and will need to submit a party registration document or European ID, according to Bloomberg. A few hoops to jump through then, but if people want to pay to influence democracy the least they could do is work for it.

“In addition to new political advertising transparency tools, we’re continuing our critical investments in keeping our own platforms secure and are working with campaigns, elections officials, journalists, human rights organisations and others across the EU to ensure the security of the online platforms that they depend on,” Lie Junius, Google’s EU public policy director wrote in a blog post.

The May date of these elections means that Britain won’t be affected, of course, as it’s two months after it is scheduled to have left the EU once and for all. And even if the casual canter towards the economic ruin of a no deal Brexit is somehow reversed, the UK has already had its 73 seats divvied up. 46 of the seats will remain empty for future member states, while 27 have already been bagsied by other EU nations increasing their number.

So should Britain not leave or sheepishly rejoin at some point in the future, then its MEPs had better be comfortable sitting on each others’ knees. µ

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