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Google’s UK Year in Search shows we don’t care about the iPhone X or Brexit

IN PART TWO of our look at the Google Year in Search, we’re diving into the UK results and they show some serious differences from the overall results.

The top trending search results were: Meghan Markle (everyone loves a wedding), iPhone 8 (but NOT you’ll note, iPhone X), Hurricane Irma, Fidget Spinners (REALLY BRITAIN??? COME ON!) and the Manchester Bombings.

News events most on peoples minds were… well… not Brexit. The top 5 were Hurricane Irma, Manchester bombing, Grenfell Tower fire, North Korea and London Bridge attack. And again, no sign of ol’ stupid hair from across the pond.

The most asked What is… questions were ‘What is a hung parliament’ and ‘What is an exit poll’ even though the election itself didn’t make the list. Next was ‘What is the Confederations Cup’, ‘What is Bitcoin‘ and ‘what is the Antikythera mechanism?’

In the case of that last one, it’s something to do with old clocks, but the level of breakthrough in 2017 in working out what it is belies how high it is on the list.

Then there are the How To questions. Again, ‘How to make Slime’ is at number one (it usually is). ‘How to buy Bitcoin’ was next as prices continue to soar. Third was ‘How To Stay Young’ and then the next two, were both how to watch boxing matches – Mayweather vs McGregor and Joshua Klitschko.

In the case of those fights, both were Box Office pay-per-view affairs so we suspect it was… erm… alternatives that they were after, perhaps as a result of the crackdown on misusing their otherwise legal Kodi boxes for illicit purposes which came about earlier in the year.

Interestingly though, it’s been newsworthy people, mostly from the UK that have interested us, not disgraced celebrities. Meghan Markle takes top place, of course. The sudden death of Tara Palmer Tomkinson came second.

Shannon Matthews, whose kidnap was faked and was the subject of a dramatisation this year was third, Charlie Gard, the baby who lost his fight for life earlier in the year after legal battles, was fourth.

Fifth, Jack Maynard, the brother of a celebrity who was being touted as a Celebrity till is private life got-him-out-of-there came belting in at fifth, probably because no one knew who the frack he is and why he was being called a Celebrity in the first place. µ

Source : Inquirer

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