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Hacker manages to run playable Super NES game on unmodified NES hardware

A HACKER has managed to run a playable Super NES game on actual unmodified NES hardware.

The “reverse emulation” achievement is the latest project by the renowned coder “Tom7” Murphy, who shows off how he was able to do it in a YouTube video.

The hacker managed to achieve the reserve emulation without even touching the NES hardware itself as it’s done within the game cartridge, which is running the reverse emulation through a heavily customised circuit board from China which cost around £8. There’s then a compact, multi-core Raspberry Pi 3 attached to take care of the actual Super NES emulation.

The Raspberry Pi essentially replaces the PPU portion of the cartridge and connects to the NES via a custom-coded EEPROM chip. This then communicates with the system, telling it how to process and display what would normally be graphical data that would be too big to process. The only thing that remains unmodded is the CIC “copyright” chip from the original cartridge, which is there to help get around the hardware’s lockout chip.

However, Reddit users don’t seem to be so impressed by the feat.

One member, Gamepenuin, said the reverse emulation doesn’t deserve to be making so many headlines.

“I don’t think this should be making so many headlines personally, the SNES games aren’t running on the NES console itself like these clickbait titles imply, they’re running on a raspberry pi in the cartridge, which then routes its video output through the NES console,” the member pointed out.

However, user MrRom92 retorted: “To get the video output through the NES console though is still a big achievement. It still has to essentially create and process data that can be fed to the NES PPU.

“To even have this done so quickly that a game from another console is actually running at a playable framerate is also a huge achievement.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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