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Hackers utterly bork VFMail’s US service for no clear reason

HACKERS CAN BE RIGHT S**TS; case in point, the hackers who breached US email firm and wiped all of the data from its US servers.

Taking place on 11 February, the attack saw all the data of VFEmail’s customers purged from its US servers. Described as “catastrophic destruction” by the company, the email firm found itself in serious trouble as it’s US backup as well as primary systems had been royally borked by the hackers.

“At this time, the attacker has formatted all the disks on every server,” the company said. “Every VM is lost. Every file server is lost, every backup server is lost.”

Furthermore, it looks like this attack was simply a colossal dick-move against VFEmail, as the attack didn’t try to pinch any data or conduct a ransomware campaign, it simply appeared to be a scorch and burn attack.

“This was more than a multi-password via SSH exploit, and there was no ransom. Just attack and destroy,” VFEmail explained.

While VFEmail is working to try and repair the damage left by the cyberattack, at the time of writing, only incoming mail is being delivered to new mailboxes.

US customers appear to have lost any previous email they had in their inboxes. That could mean the hack attack wiped out a load of sensitive data customers might have been squirrelling away in their emails; we can only imagine the rage they must be feeling.

And while VFEmail’s primary website is back online, its secondary sites aren’t and the email service it’s currently offering is in a partially-recovered state can’t offer anything like spam filters or subfolders.

VFEmail also warned its US users not to try and make their own email client work with their VFEmail otherwise they could lose all their local mail.

There is a small ray of hope for VFEmail’s data recovery efforts in that one file server was caught during the hack attack’s formatting spree, and if it can be accessed some emails can be restored.

“This is all I can do at this time. I will need to get into the data centre to see if the one file server I caught during formatting can be recovered. If it can, we can restore mail, but most of the infrastructure is lost,” VFEmail tweeted. 

We don’t normally feel sorry for tech firms, but VFEmail looks like a decent little firm offering individuals and businesses an email service for pretty reasonable prices. So for it to suffer such a cyber attack seems pretty miserable.

And the situation is quite odd, as normally hackers tend to use harness the backdoor they’ve made into a company or server and use it to exploit information or spread malware, rather than just wreck a load of stuff for what appears to be no reason.

If you have any insight into why a hacker would do this, then let us know, because currently we’re scratching our heads and wondering what the hell the hackers had to gain. µ

Source : Inquirer

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