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He’s not the Cryptsiah he’s a…

TWITTER HAS BEEN overflowing with heroic imagery of late, some of it biblical, featuring John McAfee as some sort of avenging angel. But it appears the well-known fugitive turned crypto-guru may have competition in the crypto-Messiah space.

Matt Liston has founded what may be the first blockchain based religion, although unlike Mr McAfee, he’s a reluctant Messiah. In fact, he denies he is one at all.

Not too long ago, Liston was merely a humble CEO at cryptocurrency blockchain project Auger. He left that post to create what he calls “mechanisms for worship” for his new religious order.

“It makes me uncomfortable to think about that,” said, Liston who says that he is Jewish, as reported by Business Insider. “It seems inappropriate. If I’m claiming to start a religion, it’s probably disingenuous if I claimed not to be a figure within the religion. But I don’t like the sound of that.”

Then again founders of religions do have a tendency to get lumbered with ‘prophet’ status. Liston’s religion is called 0xΩ (pronounced “Zero Ex Omega”) and he has a suitably baffling explanation for it.

“We’re incentivising mindsharing, and eventually mind upload to use consensus to form a structure of collective consciousness, and then, we’ll elevate an individual interaction with a religious structure as a group participation in a collective consciousness where the structure itself is god.”


Unlike many religions, 0xΩ is not exclusive and its blockchain will be offered to other faiths too, although how they would use it remains a mystery.

Clearly tired of being followed around by hordes of crypto-waving loons, Liston rejects the epithets Cryptprophet, CryptChrist and Cryptsiah.

So a reluctant Messiah them. Or perhaps he’s being rather a naughty boy at the expense of the crypto-faithful.

“People are wondering, ‘What the fuck is this?” Liston said. “We’re very self-aware of the how ridiculous the crypto industry is, and the fact that we’ve created the most out-there project possible. There’s a little bit of self-referential mocking.”

There are definite parallels between religious zeal and crypto-fervour, he went on.

“The store value of cryptocurrencies is solely dependent on how much other people believe they should have value. In this feedback loop of belief that operates like a religious system.”

Preach. μ

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