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Hey Apple, what happened to that AirPower thing you mentioned last year?

APPLE SEEMS TO THINK we’ve forgotten about AirPower, the device that sounds like it should be selling on QVC, but is actually a rather spiffy-looking wireless charger designed to juice up multiple devices at once.

Or perhaps that should be “was”. AirPower has been missing in action for a year now. It seemed like a surefire announcement from Apple’s 12 September “Gather Round” event, but Cook & Co were too busy pretending that adding the word “Max” to a device would make it more desirable to even mention wireless charging. AirPower was nowhere to be seen.

The signs get more ominous. Try and find AirPower anywhere on the Apple site, and you’ll come up with just one result: a list of trademarks alongside such other headlining products as Newton and Onetoone.  

It’s enough to make us think that AirPower was a product of our collective Apple-fevered imagination. If it weren’t for this photographic evidence of Phil Schiller standing proudly in front of a whopping great picture of it.

To be entirely fair to Apple, the company only said the device would be here in 2018, so it does have three more months to make good on its original promise. But even if you’re the kind of hopeless optimist that thinks a company scrubbing a device from its website is good news, the mood music from behind the scenes has been worrying for some time.

First Apple ToolBox revealed that the shape of the Apple Watch was making it difficult to charge reliably. The same report also indicated that the device would be held back until AirPods 2 were ready to ship, as people would baulk at the idea of buying an extra charging case.

Meanwhile, Forbes revealed that Apple was also having issues with overheating and the complexity of the circuitry thanks to the red-line requirement of allowing any device to be charged anywhere on the AirPower.

All in all, it was probably a mistake to announce it back in 2017. Maybe Apple has learned its lesson, and decided to bury the AirPower until it’s fit for general consumption. Or maybe it’s just decided to bury it. µ

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