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Hey Love Bun, check out these AI-generated Love Heart slogans

OUR FAVOURITE neural network meddler Janelle Shane has been at it again, this time turning her attention to Love Hearts (other candy hearts are available – in the US they’re known as Sweet Hearts amongst others).

If you live under a rock and don’t know what they are, they’re chalky sherbety sweets either in the shape of a heart (US) or with a heart embossed (UK) and some sort of semi-romantic expression on them.

If you’ve ever travelled Virgin Atlantic, they give you a packet to help pop your ears before landing.

Although UK maker Swizzels has been giving the 90-year-old brand a makeover with phrases like “TEXT ME” and even emojis, there’s still more to be done.

Enter AI. By programming real slogans into the neural network to teach it what a Love Heart should look like, Shane collected a range of new slogans.

As ever with these projects, the results varied.

‘DEAR ME’, ‘MY BEAR’ and ‘LOVE BUN’ could easily be mistaken for real slogans.

The next lot are slightly less successful but way better for it. After all – who wouldn’t want ‘YOU ARE BABE’ on their candy ‘HEART ME’ and ‘YOU A LOVE’ are also pretty cool.

‘CUD ME’, ‘SWEET PEAR’ and ‘YOU ARE IT’ probably less so.

Shane usually experiments with loosening the reigns on the neural network, expanding its creativity, at the risk of going off message. Hence you end up with the likes of ‘BOG LOVE’, ‘I HONKER’, ‘BEAR WIG’, ‘BE A GOOL’ and ‘TWEET UP BAT’.

And if you’ve come across the Shane effect before in her work on the likes of paint names and metal bands, then you’ll know what’s next.

The stabilisers come off, and the wheels shortly after. And it’s always the best bit.

‘STANK LOVE’, ‘SWEAT POO’, ‘LICK’, ‘YOU ARE BAG’ and ‘CHERT FACE’ are just some of them.

As ever, Shane has kept the best for her mailing list and it’s well worth signing up for the rude ones. We’d happily print them but in deference to her wishes, we’ll leave them for you to get. Or you can click here for the rest of the ones on the blog. µ

Source : Inquirer

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