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Hey! Pesto! Just Eat lets you get a pizza the action with a 3D printed wand

TAKE AWAY food giant Just Eat has revealed that it has developed a 3D-printed “magic wand” that will allow users to interact with the service with just a gesture.

If we’d published this in six months time, you’d think it was an April Fools, but nope – it’s the real deal.

The prototype uses Chirp, which turns your request into a series of noises – it describes it as a sonic barcode.

The wand gestures correspond to actions such as “order a pizza”, “split the bill”, or “teach the driver how to read a map properly”. (OK, we made that one up).

The tech is already in use with companies including delivery company Shuttl and Santander banking – but a magic wand for take away is definitely a first.

The Chirp data is sent to your mobile device which then carries out the command.

The tip of the wand has an LED which flashes to tell you the order has been placed. Though if it’s late a night, you may want the option for that to Dim Sum what.

Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University says it’s not silly, it’s science.

“A wand has a special place in our psyche, thanks to the popularity of magic shows and Harry Potter. It appeals to our inner child and evokes happy memories. Anything that makes your mind happier, makes your taste buds happier.”

And he should know – he’s worked with Heston Blumenthal.

This isn’t the first time that Just Eat has gone techie on us. It already delivers meals by self-driving robot on the streets of Greenwich, London. It was also one of the first skills on Amazon Alexa in the UK.

“We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to use technology to offer more choice, ease or simply to make the takeaway experience more enjoyable’, comments Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director at Just Eat.

“One-wave-wand-ordering is very exciting technology. It takes that feelgood moment of being able to order your favourite meal at the touch of a button to the next level. It’s still very much at trial stage, but it has the potential to make mealtimes magical.”

There’s no date for the launch of this magical marvel, but just think in a few years time, you may be able to wave a wand, and someone will come to the door with a pizza. You can say “Would you like to see my huge ordering wand?” and they’ll reply, “Just the tip”. Ahem. µ


Source : Inquirer

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