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HP announces borked battery bolster after previous battery bork briefing was borked

HP INC, the company that sounds like someone using brown sauce as a pen refill, has announced that it is expanding its recall of batteries to cover more models against possible “fire and burn damage”.

The announcement, which comes 14 months after the recall was first instigated, was actually first announced two months ago but came at a time when the US Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was embroiled in the US government shutdown over Trump and his giant Lego set.

The shutdown prevented the expanded recall from being communicated, so it has been reannounced today.

A total of 28,500 laptop battery units dating from as far back as 2016 and as recently as last December have been added to the 50,000 that were in the initial recall.

The CPSC warns: “HP has received eight new reports of battery packs in the US overheating, melting, or charring, including one report of minor injury and two reports of property damage totalling $1,100.”

Users will be asked to return the batteries, not the laptops in their entirety, for a full replacement.

Models affected include HP ProBooks, the HP x360, HP Pavillion x360, HP 11 Notebook and HP ZBook. Remember that these batteries may have been sold as separate spares.

HP has a dedicated website which will help you identify if your product is affected and how to go about getting a return label to return the dodgy battery. A shiny new one will arrive in its sted. HP has asked people to check, even if they’d previously done so, just in case your model is on this new sh t list.

If you do have a dodgy battery, the advice is to stop using it. You should still be able to use your machine without the battery if the power cable is connected of course.

The odds on it being a problem are negligible but don’t be that person with a sense of moral superiority, but a burned down home. μ

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