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HP settles faulty Pavilion laptop class-action by throwing $6.5m at it

THROWING MONEY AT PROBLEMS is a viable solution if you’re HP Inc as the firm has agreed to hand over $6.5m (£4.6m) to settle a class-action lawsuit over failing displays in some of its Pavilion laptops.

The Santa Clara County Superior Court gave final approval to the settlement deal last week which will see HP put an end to a class-action lawsuit related to borked Pavilion notebooks bought back in 2002, reports The Register.

Filed back in 2003 – y’know, before the iPhone and Twitter tosspots –  the lawsuit accused HP of not properly soldering the inverters onto some of its Pavilion models which made the displays prone to cracking when fixed into the laptops’ lids.

The lawsuit claimed HP has wronged its customers, particularly in some cases where still found to be defective after being replaced.

“Despite HP’s affirmative representations of reliability, mobility, ‘bright and crisp’ display screens and multimedia capabilities, it knowingly sold computers to plaintiffs and class members that contained defective inverters,” the plaintiffs complained.

“Specifically, HP sold more than 70,000 class computers containing an inverter made by TDK with an insufficient margin on the fuse.”

Out of the hefty payout, $2.8m will go on attorney fees, $494,143 will be used to cover “other costs” and $10,000 will go to each of the plaintiffs; we’re not sure that sum justifies more than a decade’s worth of legal wrangling.

The rest of the money will be divvied up to people who bought the defective Pavilion notebooks all those years ago. There is one nasty caveat in that a claim for a slice of the cash would have to have been done by 15 January, so we expect a few people may be out of luck.

Those that did file a claim will have needed the serial number of the laptop and its documentation in order to get a $1,200 payout; if people threw their Pavilion machine in the bin in a fit of tech rage then they’d only have been able to claim $500. But since the deadline has passed, it’s now all a bit moot really.

Still, it does show that with enough cash in your coffers you can avoid the trials of law, or so it would seem in HP’s case. µ

Source : Inquirer

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