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HP sticks Intel’s vPro chips into its pro-grade laptops

HP sticks Intel's vPro chips into its pro-grade laptops

HP has given its pro-grade laptops a refresh

HP HAS TAPPED INTEL for the its latest mobile silicon slices and bunged them into refreshed takes on its professional-grade laptops.

Following the reveal of the new vPro Core chips from Intel, HP took the covers off the 14in ZBook 14u and 15.6in ZBook 15u.

Unlike the Spectre series from HP, these laptops are all business and aim to be mobile workstations for people who need a decent dose of power when working remotely or on the move.

The ZBook 14u is being touted a the “world’s thinnest workstation laptop”, and at 0/71 inches thick it certainly seems svelte.

It’s larger sibling can’t claim that title, but it still comes with a good dose of performance under its not-exactly-chunky frame.

Both laptops can use up to the quad-core Core i7 vPro chip, and can be specced with a healthy 32GB of RAM and a Radeon Pro WX 3200 to take care of graphics rendering.

For people keen on photo editing and working in bright areas, the displays on the laptops kick out some pretty impressive brightness.

The ZBook 15u hits 700 nits on its 1080p display, while the 4K panel for the 14u hits 600 nits; that rockets to 950 nits when using the 1080p panel.

So in short, for both laptops, you’d be getting improved performance and connectivity, some graphical chops and impressive, on-paper at least, displays.

HP has also given its EliteBook line up a nip and tuck. The 15in EliteBook 850, 14in EliteBook 840, and 13in EliteBook 830 all get access to Intel’s latest mobile chips.

The EliteBook 840 and 850 get the option of a Radeon RX 550 to take care of graphics duties.

And the displays on all three models can hit a peak brightness of 1,000 nits – that’s proper HDR telly levels of brightness.

A 2-in1 convertible machine in the form of a refreshed EliteBook 830 x360 is also on its way, though it only sports an updated processor.

The suite of pro-grade laptops are expected to pop up in May at some point, but HP has kept tight-lipped on the pricing, though we can expect them to be fairly competitive.

And HP will need to be competitive especially as Acer is now entering the pro-laptop fray with gusto. µ

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