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HP’s Reverb VR headset throws high-resolutions at yer peepers

HP's Reverb VR headset throws high-resolutions at yer peepers

HP Reverb packs in a class-leading resolution

VIRTUAL REALITY might still be pretty niche, but that’s not stopped HP going hard on high-resolutions with its Reverb headset.

Sporting a resolution of 2,160×2,160m the Reverb headset looks to be a step up from previous efforts hardware makers have made in creating Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

For those who don’t know, Mixed Reality is the term Microsoft uses to describe a blend of augmented and virtual reality, though more often it tends to involve the latter rather than the former.

We’ve messed around with Mixed Reality headset before, notably from Acer, and they’ve had lower resolution displays; the Acer headset has a resolution of 1,080×1,200 per peeper. And while they weren’t bad, they could have done with a sharper display.

So it looks like HP has picked up on that, with the Reverb promising a proper visual upgrade. But a resolution bump is not the only display upgrade, as the Reverb features a 114-degree field of view, which should certainly help the headset feel less restrictive than other VR goggles.

Other noteworthy bits include spacial audio delivered through integrated headphones and dual microphones that can be configured to work with smart assistants.

There’s also inside-out tracking for movement tracking without the need for external sensors. And the motion controllers come paired with the headset’s Bluetooth connection out of the box, and support Steam VR as well as Windows Mixed Reality.

That’s about it. The resolution is the big selling point for the Reverb headset. And that’s all well and good.

The only problem is there’s still not a significantly compelling suite of games or software or to really capture the attention of people new to VR. But a headset with hardware improvements will at least go somewhat to making VR tech appeal that bit more. 

The Reverb will go on sale late April, with a $599 Consumer Edition and a $649 Professional Edition; the later adds in a fabric face mask and longer cable, because er, reasons that weren’t mentioned. µ

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