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HTC cuts 1,500 jobs in bid to get back in the black

HTC WILL SLICE 1,500 workers from its Taiwanese factories as it goes on the hunt to turn a profit, according to Engadget and Bloomberg Taipei’s Samson Ellis.

The latter tweeted that HTC had said on 26 June that it’ll return to profit this year, only to then on 2 July say that its Taiwanese workforce will have some 22 per cent of its total employees shaved from it.

This is likely a follow-up to the downsizing action HTC has been taking this year – it laid-off workers for its US offices earlier in the year.

Given Google snapped up a load of HTC design engineers for a cool $1.1bn in January, HTC looks like it’s bleeding workers all over the place. And that doesn’t exactly spell good news for the company’s future.

Its smartphone arm hasn’t exactly seen it hit the high notes it once enjoyed, with rival handsets from Samsung, OnePlus, Apple, and more lately Google pushing the HTC flagship phones down the smartphone rungs.

HTC does have its Vive virtual reality division, but despite the release of the Vive Pro, the product and the surrounding VR ecosystem doesn’t seem to be enough to fuel the company’s success.

That being said, HTC’s job cuts could be a move to make it a leaner more focused firm; in the past, a dizzying array of smartphone ranging across the mobile market formed an HTC that started to look a little muddled and unfocused.

And arguably, HTC still looks a little muddled with its latest flagship phone, the U12+ failing to garner a swathe of positive reviews, which is bad news when cheaper flagship-killing handsets like the OnePlus 6 hoover up praise and critical acclaim.

We’ll have to just wait and see what HTC can do with fewer workers, and whether trimming down its workforce will hone the company into a lean success or see it left barren of talent and slowly making its way into obscurity. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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