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HTC’s Vive Focus Plus is coming in April and will cost a hefty $799

HTC's Vive Focus Plus is coming in April and will cost a hefty $799

HTC Vive Focus Plus is VR in its business clothes

IF YOU RUN your own business and love virtual reality then HTC’s Vive Focus Plus, which is targeted at professional use, will be ready for you come mid-April.

You’ll need to fork out a hefty $799 (some £600) for the privilege, which is quite a step up from the previous business-orientated Vive headset.

For the cash, you do get a headset with all the electronic guts needed to power it built-in, though you’re looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which hardly the most powerful chip around. The display that rocks a 2,880×1,600 resolution and has sharper fresnel lenses.

The Plus kit also bundles in a pair of controllers with six-degrees-of- freedom of movement. Those controllers should handle the detection of finer moments, which is handy when being used in virtual environments where simulating small moments is important, such as virtual open heart surgery.

“Vive Focus Plus will perfectly immerse our clients in realistic environments enabling full movement, which supports memorization of process and procedures, and improves behaviour by creating consequences to their actions,” enthused Olivier Pierre, founder of Immersive Factory, a company that makes VR stuff for training workers.

“Having a professional standalone headset is very important for us to widely integrate and deploy virtual reality for workforce training at large groups, with plants all other the world, who previously saw the equipment as a barrier.”

So yeah, if you want to use VR in your business then the Vive Focus Plus could be worth a gander.

If you already have a Vive headset but couldn’t give a flying form of sexual intercourse about the professional headset, then maybe the HTC Streamlink will appeal.

Streamlink is effectively an app that allows for content to be streamed from a USB capture card to a Vivie headset, be it the original headset or a stand-alone pair of goggles.

This means you could use it to pipe all manner of content to a Vive headset and enjoy it in a form of virtual large screen format; it won’t translate games into VR.

Engadget reports that HTC is mainly aiming Streamlink as a different way to play games piped from the major games consoles, as well as watching videos streamed from set-top boxes.

While the Streamlink is available to download onto Vive headset right now, you’ll need to provide your own capture card and cables to get the whole thing set up. But it’s another interesting addition to the Vive ecosystem nevertheless. µ

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