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Huawei defends cheating P20, Honor Play benchmark scores

HUAWEI HAS SHRUGGED OFF reports that it’s using software trickery to artificially boost the performance of its smartphones.

Earlier this week, AnandTech revealed that the Chinese phonemaker has benchmark detection software installed on the Huawei P20, Honor Play, and possibly other devices packing its homegrown Kirin 970 processor, which makes the chip perform better by raising its power limit.

This isn’t only misleading consumers, as the report notes that utilising such methods raises power consumption, reduces battery life and actually decreases the efficiency of the processor – which means that by pushing the SoC beyond its limits, Huawei and Honor are potentially degrading the chip in the long run.

If this is invoking a sense of deja vu, it’s probably because this is the same trick used by OnePlus and Meizu in the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 5, and Meizu Pro 6 Plus last year. Samsung and HTC have also been caught red-handed rigging the benchmark performance of their smartphones.

While the aforementioned OEMs were largely apologetic for their benchmarking tricky, Huawei attempted to justify its actions, telling AndandTech that it’s doing so to remains competitive. 

The firm also argued that rival OEMs, particularly those in China, have also been cheating benchmark numbers. In order words; it can’t beat them, so it’s joining them. 

“Others do the same testing, get high scores, and Huawei cannot stay silent,” Wang Chenglu, president of software at Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, told the AndandTech.

In a statement given to INQ, the company said: “Huawei always prioritizes the user experience rather than pursuing high benchmark scores – especially since there isn’t a direct connection between smartphone benchmarks and user experiences. Huawei smartphones use advanced technologies such as AI to optimize the performance of hardware, including the CPU, GPU and NPU.

“When someone launches a photography app or plays a graphically-intensive game, Huawei’s intelligent software creates a smooth and stable user experience by applying the full capabilities of the hardware, while simultaneously managing the device’s temperature and power efficiency. For applications that aren’t as power intensive like browsing the web, it will only allocate the resources necessary to deliver the performance that’s needed.

“In normal benchmarking scenarios, once Huawei’s software recognizes a benchmarking application, it intelligently adapts to ‘Performance Mode’ and delivers optimum performance. Huawei is planning to provide users with access to ‘Performance Mode’ so they can use the maximum power of their device when they need to.

“Huawei – as the industry leader – is willing to work with partners to find the best benchmarking standards that can accurately evaluate the user experience.” µ

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