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Huawei demotes employees for accidentally promoting the iPhone on New Year’s Day

WHILE MANY PEOPLE will have already failed their New Year’s resolutions, you’re unlikely to be having a worse 2019 than two Huawei employees who have been punished for a tweet that accidentally promoted the iPhone.

“Happy #2019 from all of us at Huawei,” the innocuous tweet began. “Our resolution this new year is to give you more reasons to connect to those you care about,” it continued, ambitiously overstepping what a technology manufacturer can do for its customers without crossing the boundary into ‘creepy’.

However, hidden in the tweet was one such reason to get people talking: “via Twitter for iPhone.” And talk they did: “The traitor has revealed himself,” wrote one viral post on Weibo with a screenshot of the offending tweet.

A leaked memo seen by Reuters shows exactly how unamused Huawei’s Head Honchos were by the mixup. “The incident caused damage to the Huawei brand,” the memo states, before explaining a weird model of damage control that’s actually worse than the original damage.

Two employees, it explains, have been demoted and had their salaries cut by 5,000 yuan per month. That’s around £575, or 57.5 per cent of an iPhone XS that you absolutely shouldn’t tweet from if you work for Huawei.

So how did this happen? Well, that’s what makes the story seem that bit more unfair. Twitter is blocked in China, and the company which Huawei outsources its social media to – Sapient –  was experiencing VPN problems, forcing an iPhone with a roaming SIM card to be used instead.

Without such quick thinking, we’d have been left bereft of bland, branded tweets wishing us a new year. We hope this doesn’t have a chilling effect across the board for the next holiday season. If Xiaomi doesn’t wish us a Happy Easter, we’ll be pissed. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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