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Huawei doesn’t expect to face the same fate as ZTE in the US

CHINESE PHONE MAKER Huawei has said it doesn’t expect to be targeted by US sanctions and plans to keep buying American chips this year.

Fellow Chinese firm ZTE was slapped with a seven-year US trade ban earlier this year after it was caught illegally shipping US technology to Iran and North Korea.

The ban, which meant the company could no longer use components from Qualcomm or, er, fix its toilets, was lifted last week, with the US gov granting ZTE a licence to operate in the States for a month after the firm agreed paid a $1bn fine and completely replaced its board of directors

Huawei has also been facing-off with the US government, which has long warned that the company poses a “significant threat” to national security.

CIA, FBI and NSA officials have warned US citizens not to buy Huawei smartphones; the firm has had its devices banned from military bases in the US; and most recently, a group of mostly Republican legislators cast shade over Google’s relationship with Huawei and urged the tech giant to cut ties with the company

Regardless, Huawei doesn’t expect to face the same fate as ZTE. When asked if he feared the company could also be hit by sanctions, Ken Hu, one of Huawei’s rotating chairmen, told French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche that “it would be hard to imagine.”

“10 years ago we put in place a system to control our exports, which has become very efficient,” Hu said. “Our policy is to closely implement all laws and regulations introduced by Europe, the United Nations and the United States.”

And when asked if Huawei could do without US components, Hu said the company’s logistical chain was international.

“We must be open and choose the best technologies, the best products. We will therefore keep buying American chips this year,” he said. µ

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