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Huawei plans to ditch Intel in favour of its own server chips

HEY, YOU KNOW THE CLOUD RIGHT? It’s kinda a big deal, which is why Huawei is slated to sell servers equipped with its own chips as it chases a slice of cloud pie.

The Chinese tech giant’s chip arm, Hisilicon, will look to pop home-grown slices of silicon into the servers Huawei currently flogs to telecoms and cloud companies, thereby replacing the need to source Intel chips which it usually uses, according to Reuters.

Huawei will likely lean on its new Ascend series of chips to take on sever-powering duties, as these come with machine learning capabilities, and have been touted as challengers for chipsets from Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Given machine learning is now a big deal in the cloud and data centre world, offering servers with chips designed to support such workloads could be a smart move by Huawei.

Taking on the likes of Nvidia and Intel, especially the latter given its the largest supplier of server chips, would be a bold move by Huawei. But it already has plenty of experience in making capable and flexible chipsets, as seen with its Krin line of SoCs that can be found in its smartphones and those of subsidiary Honor.

But given there’s cybersecurity paranoia in the West over the adoption of Chinese technology, especially given the allegations of China sneaking spy chips into the motherboards of a large US tech supplier, Huawei could be looking at quite an uphill struggle.

Huawei’s rotating chairman Eric Xu did note that Huawei won’t be selling its chips to third-party server makers, so it won’t directly butt heads with Intel, Nivida and Qualcomm.

“Since we do not sell to third parties, there is no direct competition between Huawei and chip vendors,” Xu explained. “We provide hardware and cloud computing service.”

Time will tell if shunning Intel chips for its own silicon works out for Huawei, but we can’t fault the firm’s ambitions. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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