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IFA: Huawei throws a curveball with a combined Alexa speaker and 4G router

WELL, WE weren’t expecting this. Huawei’s big reveal at this year’s IFA has turned out to be its first dabble in the world of smart home speakers, called the AI Cube. 

Which isn’t a cube, but we’ll allow it.

In fact, it’s a smart speaker, with Alexa voice control and somewhat bizarrely, a 4G router.

We say bizarrely because this is no pocket device – it’s the size of a Google Home, with a Google Home Mini on top, and yeah, stylistically, it’s not dissimilar. 

Proprietary sound tuning comes from the new Histen (there’s still some debate on how this is pronounced) system. 

We’ll do a hands-on with it later but there’s more. 

The Huawei locator joins the ranks of Tile and Trackr. It offers Bluetooth Smart and an inbuilt SIM offers global tracking. Battery life is 15 days at a time between charges, and as you’d expect, it’s IP68 certified. 

Finally, ahead of the Mate 20 phone, Huawei has announced the Kirin 980 SoC, its second AI chip is an absolute beast. It’s the worlds first 7nm chipset based on a Cortex-A76. But the firsts don’t end there. It’s the first dual-NPU, the first Mali G76 GPU and the first 1.4gbps modem. 

The specs boast an octacore processor, with a BIGmiddlelittle make up – 2xA76 at 2.6ghz, 2xA76 at 1.92 and 4xA55 at 1.8.

That represents a 76 per cent performance improvement, with a 55 per cent power consumption reduction. 

Again, we’ll go deeper on this later. More soon. μ

Source : Inquirer

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