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IFA: Tado adds air quality advice to its smart heating range

BERLIN: TADO, one of our favourite Smart Home companies has announced a series of new products and features at this year’s IFA.

The smart heating company has released a revised version of its smart thermostat and radiator valves, known as the V3+ range.

On a hardware level, very little has changed – slightly bigger processor is perhaps the only major change – great for new customers, not a huge draw for existing ones – that’s okay though, everything is backwards compatible. 

But on the software side, there are new features that kind of make you wonder how in the heck they’re doing it.

Introduced in this iteration is Air Comfort, which gives you active notifications about pollen count, pollutants, humidity and other nasties, culled from the radiator valve sensors and local weather data.

This means that Tado can now give you an indication not just if the room air is bad, but what to do about it – including whether the air outside is actually any better.

Tado can also monitor your boiler, and if the signals it gets aren’t great, it can let you know, and even offer to book you an engineer.

“Everyone is unique” says CPO and co-founder Christian Deilmann, “which is why we’ve also added a new level of customisation in our app that is intuitive for all to use, and serves as your personal climate assistant.”

Some new services will be part of a subscription, priced at £2.99/m or £24.99/pa.

All we need now is for someone to write an integration for motorised windows. We give it a week.

It’s also compatible out of the box with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.

The new app is free, of course, and a starter kit costs £199.99, with a guarantee that if you don’t save on heating bills in your first year, they’ll take it back, no questions asked.  μ

Source : Inquirer

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