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INQsport: Robot Wars season 10 episode 3 review

Fair warning traveller, here be spoilers

LAST NIGHT we saw yet another ethical dilemma borne out of the microcosm of life that is Robot Wars.

Should robot fighting include a rule about budget?

Last night, we saw Rapid, built with a budget of £25,000 by a self-made millionaire who actually pledged that if anyone could beat it, he’d offer them a job.

It was a sort of Roman Abramovich meets Travis Kalanick move which just made us cringe. And sure, it’s a hell of a robot and it entertained, but look at its competitors.

There was the comedy entrant, Bucky The Robot, the first “chompbot” of the series, largely because it’s a ruddy stupid idea.

There was the return of the legendary Terror-Hurtz, which despite being a veteran of almost every Wars, has yet to actually do very well – because however good your axe is, if you find yourself up against a Flipper (or Fleepehhhhhhhhh as Billy Kirkwood seems to say with increasing gusto with every passing week) then your axe isn’t going to have the reaction to do jack.

And then at the other end, you have Track-tion – made by thirteen-year-olds with a self-confessed “three weeks experience” (though with mentoring from Will Thomas from Team Aftershock, which helps) in an after-school club.

The point is, is this a fair fight? You’ve got three of the six teams last night demonstrating exactly what the issue is – decades experience vs none, limitless cash vs no budget.

Anyway, well done to Team Vulture for helping out Track-tion. That’s what Robot Wars should be about. Sad to say, luck was not on their side in the third-place play-off and a tiny fault that couldn’t be fixed in time meant they had to concede, meaning that Trac-tion qualify for the melee by default.

And a special mention to Apex for the tantrum of the series so far. Brilliant. Plus as well as the tantrum, we also got a new holder of the “most destructive” trophy, after the biggest ever ‘spinnnnneeeeehhhh’ in RW history flew off, smashed through one sheet of bulletproof glass and bounced off the second layer. Pure, ruddy destructive joy.

Oh and one last thing – to the guy who had a go at Angela Scanlon on Twitter for wearing a boiler suit because it’s “not very good on the eye at all” – you are the embodiment of all the sexism that is blighting the news currently. Shame on you. µ

Source : Inquirer

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