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INQsport: Robot Wars series 10, episode 2 review

Spoiler: As with all good sports reports, you shouldn’t read this till after you’ve watched the match, unless you’re not bothered about knowing the results.

AS THE Robot Wars reboot has slowly matured into its modern format, we’re left with a mixture of hipster-cool, nerdy-tech and gladiatorial-homo-eroticism. And we’re pretty fine with that.

But holy hell, the stakes got ramped up last night in what some have said was the best Robot Wars battle of all time, and if we’re honest, we’re inclined to agree.

At this point, we should point out that this review is slightly late going live to avoid spoilering it for members of the INQ massive who hadn’t seen it. 

This heat was based around two truths. Carbide, the reigning champion is the robot to beat. Secondly, that it would be rather fun to start allowing chains and entanglement devices to screw things over. And by “things”, we mean Carbide.

And despite looking like it didn’t have a hope in hell, Gabriel 2 proved that Carbide’s path to the final is not going to be as simple as you may have thought.

The other big shocker was Aftershock’s early bath at the hands of Eruption. Confusion caused by the decision not to stop the battle after the floor-flipper was damaged (we’re still not sure, based on previous rulings, why not) went on show the reason why putting all the roboteers in one room is such a good idea. The opportunity for a ruddy good row, in this case caused by the confusion over whether to stop or not.

If there was a theme to tonight’s episode however, it was friendship, enthusiasm and comradery. Everyone is all hugs and handshakes outside the ring, even those who take it all very seriously during the bouts. There’s love, there’s respect…. and then there’s Jonathan Pierce who just loves saying “FOG…. OF…. WAR!”. And so he should.

And although we mentioned it last week, we’re going to say it again – having a camera on Dara and Angela during matches is an inspired move, they’re not just presenting. They’re fans too. And that matters.

Source : Inquirer

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