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INQsport: Robot Wars series 10 episode 6 review

THERE’S NOTHING that fills our hearts with hope like the sight of girls doing STEM subjects, loving it, and then going on Robot Wars to prove it.

Such was the case with the return of Expulsion last night, a class project from a team of Brentwood School kids, largely female. Along with its cluster bot Detention, which was successfully mansplained by Dara, the tiny robot was designed to reflect learnings from the previous year.

“When we were here last time, we just looked around, saw what worked, and what really didn’t work, so we’ve gone much smaller like other robots, so you can actually manoeuvre,” explains team leader Georgina.

See, thing is, it didn’t really work. The new design meant that the weapon couldn’t flail very far, and as such, other robots got far too close, and self-righting was just not going to happen.

Thor’s return, meanwhile, showed that its lone wolf driver Jason is seemingly doomed to be the bridesmaid after the newly added ‘necklace’ of metal rope designed to take out vertical spinner Magnetar didn’t work, and that combined with an unfortunate flip led to Thor producing its own fog-of-war.

But let’s talk about Magnetar for a minute. Created by the leader of Team Pulsar, who has quit school to become a Boy “don’t call me boy genius” Genius robot builder full time. It looks the biz, and it’s seemingly virtually indestructible.

So, we now have our five finalists: Behemoth, Carbide, Rapid, Nuts 2, Magnetar.

But more importantly, we’ll get to see what happens when Apollo, Sabretooth, Eruption, Big Nipper, Terrorhurtz, Track-Tion, Concussion, Iron-Awe 6, Thor and Expulsion all enter the arena together. Only one will leave and join the other five, and that promises to be essential viewing.

What have we taken away this week? Well, the key thing is that, once again, the robot fighting community are ruddy lovely to each other – and that outside the arena there are bezzy mates abounding. Team Explution even said that they had found themselves very welcome and supported in the dinkle-heavy environment

But once the cry of “Activate” goes up, there’s no friends and no mercy. Expect carnage when the finale airs next Sunday. µ

Source : Inquirer

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