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Intel debuts cheap and cheerful ‘Gemini Lake’ Celeron and Pentium chips

INTEL’S LOW-POWERED chips based on its new Gemini Lake architecture have been revealed in the form of the Pentium Silver and Celeron CPUs.

Following on from processors based on last year’s Apollo Lake architecture, the new Gemini Lake chips offer slight hikes in processing and graphics performance with memory improvements and new video capabilities.

No breaking any molds, Intel has still got a befuddling CPU naming convention, with the both the Pentium Silver and new Celeron chip effectively running on the base architecture that Intel uses for its Atom chips – now being targeted at Internet of things devices. But the Pentium family also has an older Gold CPU which runs on the higher-powered Kaby lake generation Core architecture; how Intel’s engineers can work with such headaches is anyone’s guess.

The new Celeron CPUs are entry-level chips, with dual and quad core chips running up to 2.7GHz depending on whether a desktop or mobile chip is chosen. Support for DDR4 RAM is on offer as well as on-board graphic processing designed to offer high-definition video playback on low-powered laptop and desktops.

And it’s pretty much the same story for the Pentium Silver, only the chips comes in just four core guises and offer slightly faster processor and graphics performance, with the desktop chip hitting 2.8GHz.

Intel harped on about support for Gigabit Wi-Fi and the chips’ abilities to support 10 hours of video playback, but this is all very run of the mill stuff and you’re probably asking ‘why does Intel even bother with these chips?’

Well they’re low cost and can yield laptops and compact PCs that have enough power to run everyday office tasks without costing a fortune.

For consumer use we don’t see them having much of an appeal, as we’d hazard a guess that most people would like a decent powered laptop if they’re going to shell out for one. But in offices and schools where laptops are rolled out to workers and students, low-powered yet capable laptops and desktops could appeal to cash-strapped organisations.

However, chip nerds who really want to read about something more tasty, the reveal of AMD’s Ryzen 2 CPUs is for you. µ

Source : Inquirer

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