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Intel might launch an octa-core Coffee Lake processor in September

INTEL MIGHT RELEASE its first mainstream octa-core processor in September this year.

That’s according to a report by PCWatch, which details Intel’s launch schedule for its next three desktop processor families.

The schedule states that Intel will launch the 8-core chip as an extension of the existing Coffee Lake family of processors in a few months’ time, but it will be named the Coffee Lake Refresh, not the Coffee Lake S as previously speculated.

If the rumours are as true, it’s likely a move by Intel to close the gap between itself and AMD’s second-generation Ryzen CPUs. However, that does also imply a unlikely possibility of seeing Intel’s Cannon Lake processors anytime soon.

The potential of new octa-core processors isn’t the only rumour PCWatch also claims we might see a new high-end desktop processor with up to 22 cores at the same time as its mainstream 8-core offering. 

The report says this chip could be either part of the Skylake-X or Kaby Lake-X family, but either way, it will likely have a new LGA2066 Basin Fall socket platform, so will require users to upgrade to a new motherboard regardless.

The news comes just days after Intel revealed plans to take on the discrete graphics market with a release of its first GPU in 2020.

Taking to Twitter, Intel confirmed: “Intel’s first GPU coming in 2020”, with a link detailing the appointment of Raja Koduri as the chief architect and general manager of the company’s newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group, which will focus on graphics.

Koduri has some 25 years experience in graphics tech making the jump from Intel’s frenemy AMD to the chipmaker. He also worked at Apple and spearheaded the transition of Macs to Retina displays, so he knows his shit, basically.

We can therefore expect Intel to get down with a proper performance graphics card in the next couple of years. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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