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Intel reportedly blocked an ARM-based version of the Surface Go

IT’S NOT LOOKING GOOD for chip giant Intel this week, is it.

Not only is the company reported to have been sneaky with its T&Cs in its latest Foreshadow patch, now reports have claimed that it reportedly blocked an ARM-based version of the Surface Go.

A report from Paul Thurrott states that Microsoft wanted to use an ARM processor for its latest Surface device, but then Intel intervened and was like “er… no”.

Thurrott’s report alleges that Intel “petitioned Microsoft heavily” to use its Pentium Gold processors instead of ARM ones, with Intel managing to twist its… erm, ARM. 

It’s not clear why Microsoft didn’t go ahead with the ARM version regardless, but it could be that the latest Snapdragon chips don’t really have the same clout and compatibility that the Intel ones do on laptops just yet.

Although saying that, Windows 10 running on an ARM version of the Surface Go would have probably delivered better battery life.

While none of this is anything more than a rumour for now, it sounds about right. In the past, Intel has threatened to sue the likes of rivals such as Qualcomm if they attempt to emulate Intel’s x86 instruction set architecture.

News of Intel’s strongarming comes just hours after it was reported that Intel changed the terms and conditions of a clause found in its latest microcode update after sparking controversy among industry folk.

This came after the company released a new set of speculative execution microcode updates, which were meant to try and mitigate the new Foreshadow chip vulnerability.

However, it was revealed that its T&Cs attempted to prevent users from performing comparison benchmarks between older microcode updates and the new Foreshadow patch, so they couldn’t prove how much the patch had affected the chips’ performance. Naughty. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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