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Intel reveals 8th-gen Core vPro chips aimed at road-warrior laptops

Intel reveals 8th-gen Core vPro chips aimed at road-warrior laptops

Intel’s new vPro chips look pretty neat

INTEL HAS TAKEN the covers off eighth-generation Core vPro processors aimed at giving mobile CPUs a kick in the connectivity gonads.

The Core i7-8665U is a Whiskey Lake-based CPU running from 1.9GHz to 4.8GHz at full whack and comes with four cores and eight threads. The Core i5-8365U has the same number of cores and threads, but clocks from 1.6GHz to 4.1GHz.

According to Intel, these chips offer a 65 per cent overall performance boost over chips that come from a three-year-old PC; hardly inspiring stuff.

But the chips are less about performance and more about connectivity with both processors offering support for the new WiFi 6 standard that promises 40 per cent faster wireless connectivity speeds. That’ll be handy for folks who do a lot of remote working or bouncing between hotspots while going about their business or slacking off in a hip coffee shop to pen a screenplay or fad diet book.

Intel also championed the chips’ frugal energy use with the Core i7-8665U delivering up to 11 hours of battery life in a “pre-production OEM system”. Again, that’ll be a boon for people who work away from power sockets and don’t fancy carrying around a chunky power bank.

There’s also enhanced built-in security, including the use of Intel’s Hardware Shield which helps to ensure the operating systems runs on legitimate hardware and provides hardware to software security visibility, which apparently means there’s more opportunity of the OS to better enforce security policies without the need to rely on IT infrastructure.

In a nutshell, these processors are very much centred for use in mobile work-centric laptops. And the usual suspects of Dell, Lenovo, HP and Panasonic were touted by Intel as OEM it’s excited about working with; we can’t imagine what an excited Intel looks like – perhaps it has a silicon stiffy.

For chip fans these aren’t the most exciting processors, for that perhaps its best to turn an eye towards AMD for the time being, what with its Zen 2 architecture on the horizon and an anniversary Ryzen 7 processor potentially in the works. µ

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