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Intel teases 9th-gen Core i9 H-series chips and future graphics efforts at GDC

Intel teases 9th-gen Core i9 H-series chips and future graphics efforts at GDC

Intel has a community of graphics nerds to help it with its GPU development

INTEL HAS FLIRTED WITH PC NERDS and teased that ninth-generation Core i9 laptop-grade processors and a dedicated GPU are coming.

Naff all details were revealed about the ninth-gen Core i9 H-series chips, which were briefly mentioned at San Francisco’s GDC. But Intel did confirm that the chips will support Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, Intel Optane memory, and WiFi 6; hardy mind-blowing stuff.

Either way, we’d expect the new Core i9 processors to be aimed at people who want a good deal of power in their laptops, from gamers to so-called content creators and folks who need workstation-like power in a portable form. The chips are slated to arrive in the second quarter of the year.

Intel also showed-off renders of its own graphics card shroud, reported PC Fiend, which will use the chip maker’s own Xe GPU which supposedly uses the same architecture found in the integrated GPU of some Core processors.

It looks pretty good as such renders have a tendency to do so, but it’s hardly a revolution in GPU shroud design. But it does demonstrate that Intel is pretty serious about making its own GPU, despite that market being dominated by Nvidia and AMD.

Intel even has a graphics community called Odyssey where it looks to get feedback to what people want from GPUs.

The chip maker also revealed the Intel Graphics Command Center, a software tool designed to help users easily optimise their graphics setting for games, as well as explain how different graphics setting will impact performance. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because Nvidia’s GeForce Experience pretty much does the same thing.

The Intel Graphics Command Center will work with Intel CPUs that come with integrated graphics, but it’s more likely to be handy for folks with dedicated GPUs, and will probably be a core tool for Intel’s future graphics card that’s expected to pop up in 2020.

So it looks like it’s business as usual for Intel on the CPU front, but it’s also beavering away at some more interesting stuff on the graphics side of things, though we’ll have to play the wait and see game to see if those efforts bear fruit. µ

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