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Intel tipped to release augmented reality specs this year

INTEL IS REPORTEDLY developing some Bluetooth smart glasses as it plans to sell a majority stake in its augmented reality business, “people familiar with the matter” have told Bloomberg.

If true, the plans will see the chip giant offering the augmented smart glasses to consumers as soon as this year, the sources said, adding that the specs will be able to display contextual information into the wearer’s field of view with a laser-based projector that reflects off the lens and onto the retina.

While the plans aren’t yet public, they will apparently see Intel seeking multiple backers to invest in the unit, which the firm apparently values at $350m (£246m), and will see Taiwan’s Quanta Computer firm making the product under contract for Intel.

The technology is known internally as ‘Superlite’, but the business to be sold will likely be called Vaunt, the people said.

We’ve reached out to Intel for comment on the news.

The rumours arrive not long after Intel released its two fresh RealSense augmented reality cameras called the D415 and the D435 that can add 3D capabilities to any device. 

The two “ready-to-use” cams are aimed at makers and educators as well as hardware prototyping and software development, and both come in a USB-powered form factor and are capable of processing complex depth in real time, thanks to the firm’s fresh RealSense vision processor D4.

Supported by the Intel RealSense SDK 2.0, the cameras are available across different platforms for the first time, and run on an open source RealSense Software Developer Kit (SDK), which Intel said features the firm’s RealSense viewer to allow developers, OEMs/ODMs and system integrators to unlock new depth data with access to the depth camera.

This could tackle everything from viewing the depth stream, visualising 3D point clouds recording and playing back streams to quickly configuring multiple cameras together and calibrating cameras, the chipmaker claimed. µ

Source : Inquirer

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