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Intel to launch X599 platform for its 28-core Skylake-X CPU

MORE DETAILS around Intel’s mighty 28-core CPU have been leaked, moments after AMD’s Threadripper 2 chip arrived on shelves

According to HD Tecnologia, the core-heavy chip, which was teased at Computex 2018, will go hand-in-hand with the chipmaker’s X599 chipset platform.

The platform will supposedly use the large LGA 3647 motherboard socket which allows for the support of hexa-channel DDR4 RAM spread across a maximum of 12 DIMM slots; that’s basically enough space for a serious amount of RAM.

Clearly, this is a platform aimed at serious PC enthusiasts, likely those with very deep pockets, as we doubt a 28-core Intel CPU will be cheap, let alone a high-end motherboard for it and bucket loads of speedy RAM.

The chip, which as yet has to be named – kinda like the Clint Eastwood character of the silicon Wild West – rocks 56 threads to go with its core count and runs at 5GHz across all cores.

That’s some mighty fine performance on paper, but per its demonstration at Computex, the chip got pretty hot and needed a hefty cooler to keep it running steady.

However, despite all this, when not overclocked Intel’s CPU looks to have been pipped to the post in alledged benchmarks by AMD’s second-generation Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX processor.

Such performance in benchmarks isn’t necessarily a good watermark for real-world power; Intel’s lower core count processors can handle some tasks better than AMD’s top Ryzen chips, while Team Red’s CPUs are pretty good at multi-threaded workloads.

While Intel hasn’t released prices for the 28-core chipset, the Threadripper 2990WX and its £1,600 price tag is likely to be cheaper than Intel’s performance processors.

And given the part is out in the wild, we know the 2990WX doesn’t require vast amounts of cooling or overwhelming amounts of power to deliver its performance – something some people are claiming the 28-core Intel chip needs.

In fact, there’s a heck of a lot of claims calling BS on the Intel 28-core chipset; just look at some of the comments you, dear readers/AMD fans, mentioned on our previous articles throwing shade at Intel’s chip claims and our reporting.

After Intel’s stage demo of the 28-core chip – sadly we weren’t there to confirm the following ourselves – some tech YouTubers managed to get a glimpse of Intel’s test machine at the Gigabyte suite.

Here it was noted that the machine had a massive cooling unit that reduced the PC’s liquid cooling system’s temperature below ambient levels, which isn’t something that happens in real-world PC use, unless you have bags of money and don’t care about power consumption.

The motherboard the CPU used was also an enterprise-grade one with a massive heat sink and extra cooling. All a tad unrealistic for a PC enthusiast setup.

So in short, there are claims the 28-core chip is all smoke and mirrors with it being an existing top-end Xeon processor tuned to run at 5GHz across all cores providing it has loads of power and exotic cooling.

As such some people are claiming that the teased processor won’t make it to the market in its proposed form of a 28-core part with all cores running at 5GHz.

With that in mind, the X599 platform still looks to be designed for a high-end enthusiast chipset, but there’s a good chance the CPU will only hit 5GHz on a single-core when running in a turbo boost mode, such are the limitations of sticking a load of cores on a single die.

The chip Intel teased could essentially end up being a souped-up take on the Core i7-8086K Limited Edition chip, which hits 5GHz on turbo boost clockspeed without serious aftermarket overclocking.

Intel remains tight-lipped on the whole situation, with the exception of acknowledging its Computex demos was an overclocking demonstration more than anything else.

The 28-core CPU was slated for release later this year, so we’ll have to wait and see for the time being. µ

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