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Intellivision is the latest classic console making a comeback

YET ANOTHER classic console is on course for a relaunch.

Intellivision, launched by Mattel in 1979 as a rival for the likes of the Atari 2600, is set to re-emerge this October, presumably to do battle with the Atari VCS, also due later this year.

Known as the first console to use speech synthesis in a game, the modern version is being made by a company called Intellivision Entertainment consisting of veteran video gamer Tommy Tallarico, who is financing the revival, and a number of the original Intellivision team.

The original included two controllers with 15 direction control and a dial pad on each, connected by phone cable. It had 524B of RAM with 932B of graphics RAM.

The device remained in production through the 1980s before finally being discontinued in 1990.

The new version will have a “new concept, design and approach to gaming.” We have no idea what that means.

The original Intellivision’s longevity was in part due to the range of add-ons available, including a keyboard and tape loading option, essentially making it on-par with computers of the day, but reliability was a constant issue. Plus it looked like a ruddy houseboat with keys.

The delays to production and poor reliability actually led to Jay Leno making a joke about it during a stand-up routine. 

So which version of the Intellivision is being revived? (there were four). It’s not completely clear. It’s also not clear if this is a branding exercise for something completely new.

What we would point out though is this is a very good proto-example of a modular device, and it could be that its this inspiration that is being used in the new Intellivision.

Of course, that’s all wild speculation and could, as such, be nonsense.

Details are scant and the big reveal isn’t until October 1st, but if you sign up for email updates now, the first 100,000 will get a limited edition version of the device when it finally goes on sale. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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