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Intel’s 9th-gen ‘Coffee Lake S’ processors could debut in August

INTEL WILL PUSH OUT its ninth-generation processors next month, according to PC Builders Club.

While we’ve heard plenty of rumours about the next wave of Intel Core chips, which are set to be more of an evolution of the eighth-gen Coffee Lake CPUs, the German website has no history of being a reliable source of premature tech news ejaculation, so we’re not taking its information as gospel.

The site reckons the top-of-the-line ninth-gen Core chips will be able to hit an overclocked speed of 5.5Ghz, which is impressively nippy, albeit not necessary in many current computing tasks.

Aside from those nuggets of information PC Builder Club doesn’t add much more into the mix, besides noting which next-gen Core CPUs will make their debut next month.

These chips look likely to be dubbed Coffee Lake S, denoting the fact that they are improved takes of the Coffee Lake architecture rather than a full generation shift, which will likely come with the 10 nanometre Cannon Lake architecture once Intel figures out how to get good chip yields from its silicon wafers.

Intel has kept tight-lipped on its next wave of Core processors, but according to more concrete leaks that we’ve so far, it looks like the ninth-gen Core family will be fairly comprehensive with it ranging from quad-core, four thread Core i3 chips to six-core, 12-thread Core i7 CPUs.

The Core i9-9900K reportedly sits at the top of the pile, boasting eight-cores and 16 threads, which would make it the chipmaker’s first ever octa-core CPU for mainstream use. Such a chip isn’t likely to be cheap, but it should offer a motherload of power and multi-core performance for PC enthusiasts and people who love to game and steam their exploits at the same time.

We’ll just have to wait and see what August brings in terms of chips, but we won’t hold our breath too much just yet. µ

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