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Intel’s 9th-gen processors can swallow 128GB of RAM

Intel likes rams… we mean RAM

INTEL HAS CONFIRMED that its  9th-gen Core CPUs can support up to 128GB of RAM.

That seemingly overkill amount of RAM support was confirmed by Intel to AnandTech, which said that the support will be enabled in the “few months time” to allow large amounts of memory to be used with the newest Core chips.

As such, the chip maker’s Xeon chips are no longer the only slices of silicon that can support hefty amounts of memory.

Previously, Core series processors could only handle 64GB of RAM, which if we’re being totally honest, is more than enough for pretty much any computing task of game you can throw at a general use desktop machine; we suspect there’s a good few of you out there with machines that are ticking along with a mere 4GB of RAM.

But by doubling the amount of RAM supported, the new benchmark-cheating Core CPUs will be handy for people who do a lot of heavy-duty video and photo editing, whereby massive filed of raw footage and shots need to be moved around and tweaked at speed. Such hefty files can fill up allocated RAM pretty quickly, so having access to a large pool of it is no bad thing if such editing work is your jam.

However, setting up a PC to support 128GB of RAM will require a motherboard with access to four DIMM slots supporting 32GB of RAM each. And buying such large amounts of RAM isn’t likely to be cheap.

A quick flick through RAM prices on PC building and components website puts 32GB or RAM somewhere between £200 and £280, so you’re going to need deep pockets if you want a 128GB machine.

Of course, such support and large amounts of RAM are not likely to have people rummaging down the backs of sofas to find extra pennies to put towards the RAM budget.

But at some point, we can expect ridiculously expensive enthusiast gaming PC to pop up with 128GB of RAM, or high-end professional workstations costing in the thousands to be presented to hardcore video and photo editors or CAD users. µ

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