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Intel’s Core i7-9700K reportedly hits 5.5GHz on all cores when overclocked

This isn’t the chip in question, but Intel looks to have a decent CPU up its sleeve

INTEL’S TOP DOG NINTH-GENERATION Core i7-9700K has been spotted overclocked to 5.5GHz across all of its eight cores, according to Chinese site ZOL.

The chipmaker’s upcoming ninth-gen processors have yet to be properly revealed, but they’ve fallen victim to a number of leaks. 

At the time of writing, all rumours and information titbits to do with the Coffee Lake refresh point towards the Core i7-9700K coming with eight cores and eight threads and running at 4.6GHz when turbo-boosted.

At full boost, the processor was said to get one of its cores up to 4.9GHz. So getting all of its cores running at 5.5GHz seems like quite a feat.

There’s no name attached to the person who achieved this overclock, merely a screenshot of CPU-Z showing the processor running at the nippy clockspeed on all cores, as well as a Cinebench R15 benchmark in the background showing a CPU score of 1,827cb, which is a step up from the results its predecessor, the Core i7-8700K, achieved.

There’s no indication on the cooling or voltages the Core i7-9700K was given to coax it up to 5.5GHz across all cores, but we suspect it was pretty power-hungry. However, it looks like the overclocking was achieved on run-of-the-mill hardware; unlike Intel’s 28-core chip which used specialist cooling to get it to deliver 5GHz across its mass of cores.

As such, the Core i7-9700K looks to provide a chip that is more efficient than its predecessor while running normally but has plenty up its sleeve when pushed to the max. And that the ninth-gen Core i7 won’t be the king-of-the-hill for Intel’s Coffee Lake refresh as that’ll go to the rumoured Core i9-9900K.

We’ll just have to wait and see how well the Core i7-9700K, if that is indeed what it ends up being called, performs in real-world computing tests and tasks. But all signs point towards a decent if not revolutionary refresh of the current Coffee Lake processors. µ

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