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Intel’s ‘Hades Canyon’ NUC touted as ‘world’s smallest VR-ready PC’

CHIPMAKER Intel has detailed its next generation NUC, which it claims to be the “world’s smallest virtual reality-capable computer”.

Intel has been creating these small-form-factor computers for the past few years, and tech pundits have called them the future of desktops.

At the CES tech show in Las Vegas, the company finally took the wraps off its latest NUC. It’s based on the firm’s new 8th-generation Core processors which utilise discrete AMD RX Vega M graphics.

The tech firm is hailing the new NUC as an effective desktop replacement and claims it’s powerful enough to handle VR systems. Its 1.3-litre design also makes it the smallest VR device available today.

Codenamed Hades Canyon, the device looks reminiscent of the Skull Canyon version that launched in 2016, albeit slightly thicker and taller.

This mini computer comes in two versions. The first comes with a Core i7-8809G processor and  RX Vega M GH graphics card, offering speeds of 3.1GHz and 4.2GHz.

The second model is also pretty powerful, with its i7-8705G chip boasting 3.1GHz and 4.1GHz of clock speed. But it comes with a slower RX Vega GL graphics offering.

These numbers, according to Intel, make the new NUC capable of running demanding VR experiences, with the device capable of running 1080p games at 60fps. 

As well as offering impressive speeds, Intel’s latest NUC device comes with a plethora of different ports. These include two for gigabit Ethernet, two for USB-C, two Mini DisplayPort outputs and four USB 3.1 connections.

In terms of pricing, Intel has yet to release any information, although it’s understood that the firm will sell the device as a DIY offering. That means you’ll need to purchase your own storage and RAM components to work the device. µ

Source : Inquirer

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