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Intel’s limited edition Core i7-8086K CPU overclocked to 7.24Ghz

AN OVERCLOCKER has pushed Intel’s new ‘limited edition’ Core i7-8086K CPU to a whopping 7.24GHz.

The processor, announced this week at Computex, commemorates 40 years of x86 computing and out of the box can hit 5GHz on a single core without overclocking via the chip’s boost frequency.

An overclocker, who goes by the name of Der8auer, completed an overclocking test of the chip while out at Computex, and demonstrated that he could take the chip frequency over 7GHz.

“Once we were in Windows the only thing we had to do was push up the core voltage to roughly 1.85 volts and then increase the core ratio,” explained Der8auer in a YouTube video (below).

“We used a temperature of roughly -185 degrees Celsius which is the lowest we can physically reach with liquid nitrogen and after just half an hour we already managed to push the CPU to 7.1GHZ and, after a few more tries and increasing the core voltage a little bit more, we managed to push the CPU to 7.2GHz.”

From that point on Der8auer, whose real name is Roman Hartung, had to push the CPU base clock to push it even higher as just setting it to 7.3GHz gave them a blue screen of death.

“So we ended up pushing the CPU to 7.24GHz, which is quite impressive considering we didn’t really have many of those CPUs to pre-test,” Der8auer added.

When Der8auer overclocked Intel’s last CPU, the Core i7-8700K, on which the Core i7-8086K is based, he managed to get its clock speed to 7.3GHz.

However, he had many more samples to work with then, so had more attempts before burning the CPU out completely. However, he’s pretty convinced that with more time and chips, he’ll be able to push it past his previous clock record on the Core i7-8086K.

“I think if we had more Core i7-8086K samples and more time, I’m pretty sure we could break the record of 7.3GHz, which we previously achieved with the Core i7-8700K,” Der8auer said.

“Overall I think the Core i7-8086 is basically just a good pre-tested Core i7-8700K, and that goes for both liquid nitrogen and also air or water cooling.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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