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Intel’s new P900 SSD range brings Optane to your gaming

INTEL HAS released its first solid-state drive (SSD) to incorporate its Optane DRAM technology.

The 900P series is aimed at high-end laptops, such as gaming machines and workstations.

Optane is so ridiculously fast that it can actually act as part of your machine’s memory pool. meaning that the potential RAM of your machine can go from 32GB to nearly a TB if needed.

Remember ReadyBoost in Windows Vista that allowed you to use a memory card as extra RAM? Imagine that, times a bazillion.

Up to now, the technology has been concentrated on the enterprise market, but now Intel is bringing it on home with long-awaited U2 and HHHL format drives in 280GB and 480GB.

The 900P series is claimed to be 7x faster than competing NVMe SSDs with read speeds of 2500MB/s and write speeds of 2000MB/s

Those extra zeroes? Yep. They’re correct.

But the light that shines twice as bright burns half as long, as Eldon Tyrell says in Blade Runner. The power consumption on these puppies is, understandably, very high, and as a result, any attempt to put them in a laptop is going to result in some spectacular loss of battery life.

Additionally, they’re only guaranteed for five years. That sounds pretty normal, but remember that these drives are going to be written to a lot. And when we say a lot, we mean a lot a lot.

An SSD only has so many rewrites per sector before it stops working. And whilst an SSD with average use might last 10 or even 20 years beyond its expected working life, we’d imagine that five years for these is a damn site closer to the mark.

That said, in our upgrade culture, five years is probably a good innings and the good news is that these babies aren’t too expensive. Yes, at around the $400 mark (we don’t have any UK pricing yet) they’re more expensive than some laptops, but you match one of these with a Celeron processor then you’re going to have problems anyway.

So far, we’ve not found anyone selling them in the UK or the US, but they’re due any day now, so if you have to have THE ultimate gaming rig, this could be your lucky day.

It might even play the new Assasin’s Creed smoothly. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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