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iOS 12.1 rolling out today with Group FaceTime and dual SIM support

APPLE HAS CONFIRMED that iOS 12.1 will arrive today, bringing 32-person Group FaceTime calls to iDevice owners.

Group FaceTime, which allows up to 32 people to participate in a video call at once, was originally set to launch with iOS 12, but Apple was forced to yank the feature, confirming in August that the feature is not ready for prime time

During its New York launch event on Tuesday, where the firm showed off a new MacBook AirMac Mini and iPad Pros, Tim Cook announced that the feature will be rolling out with iOS 12.1 on Tuesday.

In an accompanying press release, Apple swooned: “With iOS 12.1, FaceTime is more fun and flexible, with simple ways to add another person, join an active FaceTime call, or use the same camera effects available in Messages to add stickers, filters or appear to friends and family as an Animoji or Memoji.”

Dual-SIM support via eSIM, which was announced as an upcoming feature in September, will finally be enabled for iPhone XS and XR models with iOS 12.1 too, as will a real-time depth control feature that will allow iPhone users to blur the background in real time while taking portrait pictures. 

And – contain yourselves, people – the update will bring with it more than 70 new emoji, including “characters with red hair, grey hair and curly hair, a new emoji for bald people, more emotive smiley faces and additional emoji representing animals, sports and food.”

If anything like Apple’s previous releases, iOS 12 will arrive on devices at 6pm UK time. µ

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