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iOS 12 will be available to the unwashed masses on 17 September

APPLE HAS CONFIRMED that iOS 12 will be available for the unwashed masses to download on 17 September. 

The OS, which was first shown off at this year’s WWDC, isn’t stuffed full of with bells and whistles, and instead focuses on improving the performance and reliability of Apple’s iDevices. 

Under-the-hood tweaks will see a major software-wide performance boost, according to Apple, particularly on older devices. On the iPhone 6S, for example, apps will allegedly open 40 per cent faster than before, and you can take a photo 70 per cent faster than on iOS 11. 

Apple, like Google, is also introducing tools so that users can better monitor and limit the amount of time they spend gawping at their iDevice.

A new ‘Screen Time’ app will send you a weekly activity summary, showing you how long you’ve spent ogling sandwiches on Instagram, and which apps send you the most notifications. And there’s a tool called ‘app limits’ allowing you to limit the amount of time you – or your kids – spend on certain apps each day. 

Further, Do Not Disturb’s new ‘bedtime’ feature will ensure no Candy Crush notifications wake you up, while support for grouped notifications will reduce the amount of time you’re distracted by pop-ups. 

The second-gen version of Apple’s ARKit platform also debuts in iOS 12, boasting improved face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection and shared experiences. This, Apple claims, will enable developers to create multiplayer AR environments for the first time.

When it comes to Siri, Apple is adding Shortcuts, a feature that looks to provide the information that Apple thinks you need throughout your day. For example, if you go to the cinema, Siri can remind you to mute your device, and if it’s your grandma’s birthday, Apple’s virtual helper will remind you to call her. iOS 12 will also debut a new Shortcuts app will allow users to programme their own, er,  shortcuts. 

And of course, the biggest new feature set to debut in iOS 12 is Memoji, allowing you to create lifelike Animoji. 

Group FaceTime, a new feature touted at WWDC that lets up to 32 people to participate in a FaceTime video call at once, won’t be making its debut just yet though. Apple confirmed last month that it’ll arrive in a future software update later this year

iOS 12 is supported on all same devices as iOS 11, which means it’ll be supported on iPhone 5S and above, all iPad Air and Pro models, iPad mini 2 and above and the 6th-gen iPod Touch. µ

Source : Inquirer

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