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It looks like John McAfee has gone on the lam in the Bahamas

It looks like John McAfee has gone on the lam in the Bahamas

If you’re McAfee and you know it, crap your pants

ANTI-HERO WILDMAN of tech, John McAfee has ‘gone dark’ on social media, with rumours swirling that he has been arrested.

The controversial former anti-malware magnate turned crypto-boffin posted a mysterious message late Friday:

The internet has been rife with speculation that McAfee has been evading US authorities for several months by living on a yacht in international waters, after a Grand Jury voted to indict him, along with his wife and a number of employees of his 2020 Election campaign, on tax-related offences.

However, a picture posted by one of Team McAfee tells a different story:

There is a suggestion that McAfee has gone on the lam in the Bahamas – and let’s face it, there are worse places to be stuck.

For most, this would put a certain kibosh on any US presidential ambitions, but McAfee has already prepared, arranging a group of surrogates to appear for him whilst speaking remotely at rallies. It’s all a bit bonkers.

McAfee recently reiterated that he is willing to eat his own dinkle on national television of the price of Bitcoin doesn’t reach $1m by the end of 2020, claiming it is “mathematically impossible” for it not to reach the magic barrier.

The INQUIRER, on the other hand, has been crunching the numbers. Based on today’s price of $7,956 (about £6,200), and with 590 days to go, the price of Bitcoin will have to go up by an average of £1681.44 every day between now and then to ensure that McAfee remains a member of the members’ club.

Ketchup or brown sauce, John? μ

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