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Ivanka Trump used her personal email to send official government correspondence

WE FEEL SORRY FOR IVANKA TRUMP; yes, she’s the daughter of Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump, but she likely has to endure all manner of creepy stuff from the cat-grabbing leader of the free world.

And now poor Ivanka has been effectively caught with her pants down by sending official government information to her assistants, officials and White House aides through her personal email account, The Washington Post reports.

Unsurprisingly, this is in gross violation of federal record rules. And White House ethics officials caught wind of such a dumb practice when reviewing emails gathered last autumn by five cabinet agencies in response to a public records lawsuit.

When questioned about what the hell she was doing, Ivanka responded that she wasn’t aware of such a rule. And, according to The Washington Post, a spokesperson for her attorney and ethics counsel, one Abbe Lowell, said Ivanka occasionally used her private email for government correspondence before she was briefed on the rules. Lowell’s spokesman also noted no emails contained classified information.

This would seem like a classic Trump does of borkage. But the plot thickens, thanks to Trump’s infamous-slamming of Democratic presidential candidate of 2016, Hilary Clinton, for her use of personal email.

So it looks like all those stones Trump was throwing while campaigning to become president have boomeranged back and walloped his daughter.

The dose of hypocrisy is also pretty bad when one considers how Trump slammed Hilary for her personal email use endangering the US. Guess that now makes Ivanka a danger to the free world as well.

What happens next to Ivanka has yet to be seen, but knowing the Trump family she’ll probably skip right on through this faux pas.

But the whole thing does indicate how easy it is to with tools like Gmail to fire off nearly organised and formatted emails to all and sundry without necessarily knowing if such popular services are legit for the task you’re carrying out. Well, it’s that or either Ivanka is just dumb. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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