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Jony Ive is back in charge of hardware design at Apple

CHRISTMAS TREE DESIGNER Jony Ive is retaking control of Apple’s design team after two years in a hands-off role.

50-year old Ive has long been at the helm of product design at Apple. The soft-spoken Brit joined the firm back in 1992 before he was named senior vice president of Industrial Design of Apple in 1997, a position which has seen him play a huge role in the look and feel of the company’s hardware since.

Back in 2015, however, Ive was ‘promoted’ to the new position of chief design officer, a move which saw him stripped over his every-day design duties and instead take control of the day-to-day management of the firm’s newly-opened Apple Park development in California

Now that the new HQ has launched, Apple has reinstated Ive as head of design, which means other executives and employees on the team will once again report to him. It’s also likely a sign that Ive will once again be involved in the design of Apple’s upcoming hardware releases, including the so-called iPhone 11 and next-generation iPad line-up

A statement on the matter from Apple spokesperson Amy Bessette sent to Bloomberg reads: “With the completion of Apple Park, Apple’s design leaders and teams are again reporting directly to Jony Ive, who remains focused purely on design.”

Apple has also removed Alan Dye, the vice president of user interface design, and Richard Howarth, vice president of industrial design, from its leadership webpage. Both Dye and Howarth took on Ive’s management responsibilities when he stepped back two years ago.

Ive’s return to his previous role is perhaps unsurprising, with Apple having made a number of widely-criticised design faux-pas over the past couple of years. 

Back in 2015, for example, Apple released a Magic Mouse that can only be charged when flipped upside down along with an Apple Pencil stylus that can only be re-juiced by, er, sticking it out of the iPad’s lightning connector. Most recently, the firm launched the iPhone X with its now-famous ‘notch’, a ‘feature’ that has been widely mocked by the technology industry. Ahem.

The move also likely means that there’s going to be a pretty bare tree at Apple HQ this Christmas. µ

Source : Inquirer

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