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Justice Secretary calls for sales ban on easy-to-smuggle mini mobiles

MINI MOBILES might soon be banned after UK Justice Secretary, David Lidington, demanded online retailers pull them from sale due to their potential for being smuggled into prisons.

Sometimes as small as a lipstick, “Beat the BOSS” phones, as they are otherwise known, are advertised with the ability to go undetected by body orifice security scanners used by securities in England and Wales.

The phones can be bought for as little as £25 from websites including Amazon, Gumtree and eBay, but according to the BBC, are changing hands for up to £500 inside jails.

The Ministry of Justice says that about 20,000 illicit phones and SIM cards were recovered by guards in 2016, and a third of those found were these tiny “beat the BOSS” phones, which were probably smuggling into jail in someone’s bum.

“It’s pretty clear that these miniature phones are being advertised and sold with the purpose of being smuggled,” Lidington will say in a speech on Monday. “I am calling on online retailers and trading websites to take down products that are advertised to evade detection measures in prisons.”

Mobile phones are banned in prison for obvious reasons: they can be used to facilitate more crime and intimidate victims from behind bars.

The Ministry of Justice has therefore invested in the region of £2m in detection equipment to prevent the smuggling of these devices, as well as acquiring new powers to block specific phones from accessing communications networks.

“In addition, 300 specialist prison dogs have been trained in drugs detection to help stem the flow of illicit substances into our prisons, allowing officers to focus their efforts on reforming and turning the lives around of offenders,” the Ministry of Justice said.

“The measures are part of a much wider strategy to tackle the most pressing threats to security in prisons and backed by a strengthening of the frontline with 2,500 additional prison officers by 2018.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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