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Kaspersky fires another lawsuit at US government over federal ban

RUSSIAN SECURITY OUTFIT Kaspersky continues to retaliate against the US government’s decision to ban its security products by filing yet another lawsuit.

On Monday, the Russia-headquartered cybersecurity firm filed a new lawsuit case with the US District Court for Columbia. 

The company’s lawyers claim that the Trump administration has violated the Bill of Attainder Clause. This law prohibits Congress  “from enacting laws which impose individualised deprivations of life, liberty, and property and inflict punishment on individuals and corporations without a judicial trial”.

Last September, the US government called on federal organisations to bin Kaspersky products due to fears that Russian spies have been using the tools to launch cyberattacks. 

But in December, it went one step further by issuing a full ban on Kaspersky products, which tells lawmakers and civil servants to scrap them by October 2018. US President Donald Trump inked the order.

Of course, Kaspersky has reiterated that it has not fostered ties with Russian spies and has slammed the order. In a statement, the company repeated its stance.

“Kaspersky Lab believes that these provisions violate the USConstitution by specifically and unfairly singling out the company for legislative punishment, based on vague and unsubstantiated allegations without any basis in fact,” the firm said.

“No evidence has been presented of any wrongdoing by the company, or of any misuse of its products. We continue to offer our full cooperation to government agencies and others with cybersecurity concerns collaboratively and openly through our Global Transparency Initiative.”

Kaspersky has repeatedly criticised the way US government officials have handled the situation. In 2017, the firm said that when it vowed to investigate these problems, the government was simply not interested.

“Kaspersky Lab believed in good faith that DHS would take the company up on its offer to engage on these issues and hear from the company before taking any adverse action,” said the firm.

“However, there was no subsequent communication from DHS to Kaspersky Lab until the notification regarding the issuance of Binding Operational Directive 17-01 on September 13, 2017. The July and August communications are referenced below.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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