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Kim Dotcom is suing the New Zealand government for billions of dollars

NEWLYWED ENTREPRENEUR Kim Dotcom has announced plans to sue the New Zealand government for billions of dollars in damages following his arrested six years ago.

Mr Dotcom’s accountants have estimated that, had Megaupload, the company at the centre of his legal travails, been allowed to continue, it would have been worth $10bn (£7bn) by now. And he wants satisfaction.

Mr Dotcom had a 68 per cent shareholding in the business he created, and so is looking for $6.8bn in damages.

He recently received a bunch of stuff back from the Hong Kong arm of the business, worth an estimated $2bn. However, he has pointed out that his personal video and photo archive was amongst that damaged in the raids, and has suggested he may sue for damages against the Hong Kong government too.

Mr Dotcom is still fighting extradition to the US on piracy-related charges, however, he continues to fight. The lawsuit against the NZ government will further complicate the matter.

His case hinges on the fact that the New Zealand government arrested him on the wrong laws and therefore the charges are null and void. Furthermore, this will nullify any extradition claim, as the extradition has to be based on charges which are illegal in the country where they took place.

On top of all this, NZ legislation states that it illegal to sanction an internet provider. Hmmm… sounds a bit weird that one but you can’t argue with his thoroughness.

Mr Dotcom’s arguments against extradition will be heard in court of February 20th.

Meanwhile, he’s working on his new ICO, a payment service (Bitcoin, Blockchain blah blah) called Bitcache. For legal reasons, he won’t be a named director of the company which is being underwritten by a separate company. It also won’t be available to US citizens.

Mr Dotcom, 44, born Kim Schmitz, has recently married long-time girlfriend Elizabeth Donnelly, 21 years his junior. She is now going by the name of Elizabeth Dotcom. Because of course she is. µ

Source : Inquirer

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