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Kotlin is now available as a Canonical Snap for cross-platform Java writing

CANONICAL HAS announced Kotlin as the latest in its series of ‘Snap’ applications for Linux users.

Snaps are containers designed to bring apps from different platforms (such as Skype for Windows) to every distro of Linux, not just its own Ubuntu. Currently supported are (but not limited to) Linux Mint, Manjaro, Debian, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE, Solus, and of course Ubuntu.

Kotlin is a development language from JetBrains, which offers a universal programming language that works across anything that can run Java including Github, Slack (which is itself a Snap) and Android.

Of course Canonical is cock-a-hoop at the tie-up.

“In choosing Snapcraft, JetBrains continues to show confidence in a platform that enables Kotlin and Java developers to bring their software to tens of millions of Linux users,” said Jamie Bennett, VP of Engineering, Devices, and IoT at Canonical.

“Kotlin is proving extremely popular and adding it to the wealth of developer-focused snaps already available provides an incredibly powerful platform to produce and distribute software.”

Because Snaps are a complete container, it allows users to keep the entire package up to date with almost zero effort – vital to the programmers’ toolkit.

“We believe the main advantage of using Snapcraft to install Kotlin for the development community is that developers don’t have to care about all the required dependencies (like JDK) as well as about future updates”, says Aleksey Rostovskiy, an engineer at JetBrains.

“With snap packages, developers can seamlessly install Kotlin and all the required dependencies just once and from then on the update process happens in the background, so they always stay on the latest version available”.

Snaps are already solving some significant hurdles for Linux users with the arrival of Skype, which has, Linux users say, long been neglected by Microsoft, now working in its most up to date form in a secure environment, avoiding the minefield of differences between Linux distros. µ

Source : Inquirer

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