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Kylie Jenner had the most ‘liked’ pic on Instagram, until this egg smashed it

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JANUARY IS a traditional time to brood, and nowhere is that more apparent than Instagram, which has just seen an egg pelt Kylie Jenner to become the social network’s most ‘liked’ photo.

The photo of a brown hen’s egg against a white background was posted by a person or persons calling themselves “Egg Gang” and has garnered nearly 28 million ‘likes’ at time of writing, smashing the record previously held by a ‘celebrity’ called Kylie Jenner, whose announcement of her own egg-drop in January has scored 18 million cracks at it.

The “Egg Gang” had specifically set out to beat Jenner’s record and on discovering they poached the record told their followers “This is madness. What a Time to be alive.”

And that’s no yolk.

Kylie Jenner’s trip from sat-on-a-wall to great-fall was marked with a new post which saw her smash an egg to demonstrate her contempt. It’s likely she didn’t understand that not all eggs are the same single egg, but as millions shell out from adverts placed around her posts, she was bound to say something.

It’s thought that the success of the egg could lead side projects such as a simgle, or maybe even an albumen. Though if the egg allows fame to go to its head, we could find out that egg’s been-a-dick.

Novelty “likes” are nothing new – last year an attempt to get a bag with half an onion in it to achieve more Twitter followers than Donald Trump stopped short, but still managed over 600,000 followers.

Meanwhile, for the ‘Egg Gang’, its good times ahead – the amount of revenue raised is likely to make that little egg, a Golden Egg. μ

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Source : Inquirer

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