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Leaked docs suggest Zuckerberg gave his mates access to Facebook data

Leaked docs suggest Zuckerberg gave his mates access to Facebook data

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an identity

ETERNAL AWKWARD TEENAGER Mark Zuckerberg is at the forefront of yet another scandal over the way it uses data. Must be a weekday.

It’s claimed that the Facebook boss was at the helm of plans to weaponise user data to leverage the social network’s position, according to an investigation by NBC News.

4,000 pages of leaked company documentation from 2011-2015 show in a variety of formats that Facebook’s strategy involved using the power of that data in the way it dealt with partner organisations.

Some companies were given preferential access to the Information Graph, whilst others were penalised with reduced access, that could potentially mean the difference between a service that works, and a service that doesn’t.

In other words, rather than out-and-out sell access to the data, it has opted to drip feed it to companies it likes, as a reward for compliant behaviour, which is about as creepy as it gets.

One example cited is Amazon, who was allegedly given enhanced access to the data as a sweetener to a major advertising contract. A major consideration was also “are you mates with Mark Zuckerberg”. If the answer is yes, more data for you. 

What really makes this one hurt is that all the time that this was going on, Zuck was publicly saying how important the privacy of its users is, and how it would do all it could to protect it.

Methinks he speak with forked tongue.

Facebook has denied all the accusations, which seem to suggest that Facebook was actually doing a Cambridge Analytica at the same time that Cambridge Analytica was also doing a… well, Cambridge Analytica, however, it hasn’t refuted the authenticity of the leak.

In actual fact, there are many of the same documents that were obtained by the UK Parliament in late 2018 and represent part of the ongoing, ever-growing list of things that Zuckerberg has been asked to account for before MPs and seemingly just can’t be arsed with. μ

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